“Every element of Dr. Tannenbaum’s visit received rave reviews…

In summary, Barbara Tannenbaum is an outstanding teacher of persuasive communications, both to large groups and in small and individual sessions.”

H. Vincent Poor, Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton University


“Not only could we measure the impact of your instruction on our #1 challenge – but it was delivered in such an engaging and user-friendly fashion. Your fan club has expanded.”

CEO, Investment Bank


“Measurable results. It’s what we all look for in a consultant… since working with Barbara,  I have become a great communicator… which has translated into greater fundraising success”

Legal and Financial Professional

Dynamic Communication seminars teach powerful and persuasive communication. Participants receive practical tips they can implement immediately. One-day seminars are often split in two: a lecture and an interactive training session.

The lecture introduces theories of persuasive communication and illustrates them with current and relevant examples, frequently punctuated with humor.

The interactive training session includes practice speeches by a small number of participants in front of a small group. During the small group presentation sessions, speakers receive immediate feedback from the seminar leader and from the other members of the group. The group sessions are generally followed by private appointments to review video of the presentations.

This structure provides a number of significant benefits. First, the lecture portion is an efficient way to introduce many people to the principles of persuasive communication. Attendance at the lecture portion is limited only by the available space. Second, the most effective way to improve communication skills for specific individuals is via immediate feedback. Feedback is often personal, and sometimes intimidating; therefore, the best way to provide individual feedback is in private coaching sessions. With private, supportive feedback, the participant gains tools to improve in the most effective manner.