“Thank you for your invaluable advice. As a lawyer, communication skills are an integral part of my work…I do not believe that it has been a coincidence that following our meetings I have experienced my most successful year.”

Partner, amlaw 100 firm

Individual Executive Coaching
Many executives recognize that there are specific aspects of their communications skills that, if improved, would accelerate their careers. Dynamic Communication works with senior executives in sales, digital media, finance, law, healthcare, and politics. By working with the individual to identify strengths and goals, then strategizing cooperatively on how to reach them, Dynamic Communication consultants establish a plan for personal improvement for each client. The topics of and frequency of meetings with clients depend completely on their goals.

Presentations Coaching
Corporate presentations are important events that require the best possible execution. Start-up company presentations to prospective investors (the “road show”), client pitches, business case presentations to business development executives, annual corporate business plan presentations and board presentations by CEOs are all important events. Establishing persuasive strategies for important presentations is critical. Practicing the presentation in front of an analytical audience is essential. Dynamic Communication has helped hundreds of executives get the most out of their presentations. Specific engagements for presentation coaching are designed to meet the objectives and schedule requirements of each client.