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“She conducted a training session with our president and CEO…her influence, suggestions and insight had a dramatic positive effect. She delivers constructive criticism in a way that leaves egos intact…”

Senior vice president, communications,

global telecommunications hardware company.


Barbara Tannenbaum, Ph.D. is president of Dynamic Communication and Distinguished Senior Lecturer in the department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at Brown University. She helps business executives, doctors, judges, lawyers, bankers, engineers, politicians and salespeople learn how to take up space and communicate with power to maximize the effectiveness of their communications. Barbara combines lectures in persuasion with interactive learning. Practice presentations are often recorded for use in highly effective individual review and feedback sessions. She has special interest and expertise in gender issues in communication and is a frequent speaker at national conferences for women, including the Omega Institute and the Omega Women’s Leadership Council. Her keynote speech Powerful Communication has been rated with the highest possible ratings by many audiences, including the annual conference of the Chief Judges of the Appellate Courts.